Firefighters train for the worst case scenario.

This past week the members of the Long Branch Fire Department Uniformed Fire Division (UFD) held their bi-annual personal escape systems training at All Hands Fire Equipment and Training in Neptune, NJ. Each member of the UFD is issued their own escape system that is worn on their firefighter turnout pants. The purpose of the personal escape system is to allow the firefighter to rapidly escape from a hazardous situation in which they have no other means of egress from the building. The term commonly used for this is “bailout”. Each member who wears an escape system must complete and initial classroom training session followed by a practical session consisting of 9 scenario jumps. After the initial training the firefighter must complete bi-annual practical training consisting of 3 jumps.

The system used by our firefighters is the Sterling F4 Escape System, which we have used since 2011. The system makes for easy use and deployment by the firefighter. The system is made up of 50 feet of SafeTech rope which is heat and cut resistant, an anchoring hook, and an F4 descender. Each system is compliant with the NFPA 1983 Escape standard.

As firefighters we hope to never be in a situation where we need to use our escape systems, but we train often to make sure that it is muscle memory for that life or death situation.

Pictured: Members of Tours #1 & #2 after completing their training.

Its important to train in every aspect of our job…because lives depend on it.