January 23rd Nor’Easter Keeps Firefighters Busy

On January 23rd, 2017 a moderate Nor’Easter struck our area bringing heavy rain and high winds. We saw minor to moderate tidal flooding in our flood prone areas. The high winds had the biggest impact on the City. Winds were sustained at 30-40 mph with gusts possibly over 50 mph. With the soaking rain and the high winds many trees and power lines came down. Our crews were kept busy responding back-to-back calls for almost 24 hours straight. At the end of the storm we logged just under 30 calls for service in just a 24 hour period…



In Long Branch, authorities were out in force closing off roads already covered in water.

Earlier in the day there, winds carried sand from the ocean as they whipped against the Ocean View Towers on the water. A large piece of the roof at 510 Ocean Ave. in Long Branch was left hanging from the apartment building, in a symbol of just how intense the wind had been all day.

“We actually called 911, because we heard from the office – I was getting ready for work,” said Kerrin Sturchio of Long Branch. “And then we looked outside. We were like, ‘Oh my God, what is this?’ We didn’t know what it was.”

Another strip of the roof flew down into the parking lot, demolishing two cars.

“I ran out to move my car, but my back windshield was already smashed in, so I just left it, per my insurance company,” said Rose Carcich of Long Branch.


During CBS2’s noon live shot, it was hard for Baker to face the camera as winds blew from the east, making it nearly impossible to stand in one place.