Local #68 Wins Firehouse Foods Category at Cooked & Uncorked


On Monday night, our local competed for the third year in NJ State FMBA’s Cooked and Uncorked contest featuring 20 FMBA locals.  This year a Firehouse food category was added to the list for competition.  The brothers came up with the idea of “Taco in a Bag” direct from the Long Branch Boardwalk!!

This was an instant hit at the competition.  A single serving Doritos bag slightly crushed, taco meat, Capt. Somers Guacamole, cheese, sour cream, Lt Griffins salsa and some red hot if needed.  All served in the bag.  The group that attended had a ton of fun and we believe the crowd loved our dish and enthusiasm as we were announced winners of our category.  Thanks to all our supporters.  Check out Q104.3 jockey Shelli Sonstein giving us some attention!!