Saturday, May 31, 2014 At 0320 hrs date, the Department was dispatched to Norwood ave & Wall st for an EMS assist. Upon signing in service county radio updated the call to be in neighboring West Long Branch and we that we had a MVA with a victim impaled on a street sign. On arrival we found a street sign post through the “A” pillar and dash board into the left thigh of the passenger. Companies awaited ALS to stabilize the patient and went to work on extrication. The excess post was removed by using a circular saw, and the entire passenger side doors, pillars and windshield was removed for access. The dashboard was also cut away using a sawszall and aluminum snips. While this was taking place a Trauma surgeon arrived and the final piece of the post was removed from the patient by the FD in just over an hour. The patient was transported by WLB EMS. A good job by all entities involved.